What To Do If You’re Traveling By Bus or Plane for the Holidays

Many of us travel during the holiday season. Now, while many of us have used american transportation services to see our local area, we may have never used a bus or a plane in order to get somewhere. What are you supposed to do? Are there things you can try to make it easier on yourself? Here are a few tips.

·    Make sure you have your tickets already. Most are sold out if you wait till the last minute to get them, but you may be able to get some lucky last-minute deals. Always compare and contrast.

·    Check in online. It’s free, and it’s one less line you have to stand in when you get to the airport.

·    Mail gifts. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with baggage by having the gifts mailed ahead of you. It may cost a little extra (or maybe not, with the cost of checking in a bag on a plane nowadays), but it’s a lot less headache.

·    Put your medicines and your items for freshening up in your purse or backpack. Yes, it’s true. Planes and buses get delayed. You’re shocked, right? Keep these things in a carryon just in case.

·    Label your baggage clearly. If you’re checking bags, put some obnoxious tag or other identifier on it to identify it as it comes around the luggage claim area.

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·    Make sure you have your paperwork. Especially if you’re travelling internationally. This will save you a lot of headache through security checks and such.

·    Leave early. Yes, everyone tells you to do this. You want to listen; you’ll avoid a lot of headache by getting to the airport or bus station early.

If you follow these suggestions, you will find that you feel much more confident about your trip and that you’re a lot less stressed when it comes to getting things done for it.